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Mechanical Design outsourcing vs In house design

Outsourcing is becoming more and more popular, from marketing and sales to analysis and design, small and large businesses around the world are beginning to see the benefits of hiring professionals outside the company for specific projects. Mechanical and Product design is no exception, and the demand for outsourced designers and consultants in this field is increasing rapidly.

Access to Experienced Professionals

The more experienced and skilled designers are not necessarily looking for full-time jobs and are usually unavailable for hire. Working as consultants and freelancers is more profitable for them, and if a company wants access to the best Mechanical Designers the industry has to offer, outsourcing is the only way to open doors to the more experienced and sought-after experts.

Lower Costs

Hiring an in-house designer full time is expensive enough, and companies struggle to afford the best professionals in the field. As a result they end up working with new and inexperienced employees that take longer to finish projects and don't provide the high-quality end result that they're looking for. In the end, in-house becomes more expensive for the company. In addition, hiring a designer is not enough, companies need to purchase the 3D CAD and analysis software which can be extremely expensive. So, while outsourcing may seem more expensive at first glance, the professionalism, experience, and skills that high-level outsourced designers bring to the table result in saved costs in the long run.

Fixed Price Quotes

In-house teams work on a monthly salary, and the longer a project takes, the more it costs the company in man hours. This "end price" is only known once the project is finished, and budgeting or timing these projects up-front rarely works to plan and leads to unmet goals. Outsourcing these projects means that a company can benefit from a full project-price quote right at the start, leading to less surprises and easier budgeting.

Less Politics = Higher Efficiency

The designer or team you're outsourcing is working in its own framework and is not involved in your company's politics or policies. This leads to more efficient work and less time spent on internal disputes, disagreements, problems between colleagues, etc.

Higher Flexibility

Most companies don't really need a designer full-time, so hiring an in-house employee or team can be counter-productive. Outsourcing allows you to hire professionals whenever you need to without committing to long-term employee-employer relationships. Companies that have more than one project can work with the same outsourced designers and create long-term relationships without the disadvantages, commitment, and costs of an in-house


Quality Guarantees

In-house employees don't come with any guarantees. If they don't live up to expectations, the most a company can do is terminate them and try to hire someone else. This leads to wasted time and costs, and still doesn't ensure a good outcome with the new hire. Outsourced professionals will have references, portfolios of previous work, and payment as well as satisfaction guarantees to ensure your company gets the best possible result at a reduced risk.

· Linmech are experts in Mechanical Design and Product Design, Analysis and Rapid Prototyping.

· We are a dynamic company focused on creating and delivering innovative solutions using state of the art processes.

· We employ experienced consultants and contract engineers with excellent industrial and consumer experience to assist you or your company in developing new and existing products.

· Linmech can supply support at all stages of the product design or mechanical design process, both on and off-site, creating parts, assemblies and fully toleranced drawings. Your project can be developed from an idea into prototypes and finally into production, whether it be a single part or an entire product

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