Photo Rendering

Photorealistic Rendering is a set of distinct processes undertaken which take a concept through to manufacture Linmech are experts in turning  3D CAD files in to photo real renders. We work with designers, engineers and manufacturers of new designs Рin fact anyone generating CAD data that needs photoreal visuals or animations.

Our CAD renders are used for new design presentations, market testing or focus groups, and to market new designs without photography and prototypes. This is a very cost effective way of understanding the potential benefits of your concept before committing to the more costly stages of prototyping and manufacture. We have a site dedicated to 3D Rendering which gives examples of how photorealistic we can make your concept i.e. we can make your concept come alive.

CAD renderings are a flexible and fast alternative to expensive appearance models, mock-ups, prototypes and photography. We can render your designs in many different materials and colour options, and produce new images at any time to exactly match the previous lighting set up. Images can be supplied already cut out, with no background, for simple insertion into product catalogues and other media.

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