Design for manufacture

During this phase of product design, we take developed designs and add final manufacturing detail.  This could be in the form of tolerance checking; allowances for moulding or casting; final tweaking of the design for C of G issues or specifying fit and finish etc.

This stage also encompasses all manufacturing data to whatever scale or level that is required by your company. We can produce complete drawing packs to a very high standard.  In addition, Linmech recognises the importance of a good checking and approval process when releasing drawings for manufacture or prototyping

Drawing standards are changing all the time. At linmech we adhere to BS8888:2006 and ISO1101:2004. We can also slot seamlessly into any company standards you may have in place and can either utilise our own drawing borders or any company specific ones.

General Assembly drawings, Bills of materials and parts lists can also be included.
Detail drawings can be output in any format inc. dxf, dwg, dwf and pdf.
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